Sunday 1 May 2022

Playlist (May/June 2022) | Music Reviewsª

Brighter Days Ahead Elan Trotman

(Island Muzik)

Bajan saxman Elan Trotman is a prolific musician who used the break from live performances during the pandemic to continue his creation of an unrivalled oeuvre of contemporary jazz music for the discerning masses. Enhanced by a host of featured guest performers, this album offers a Caribbean smooth instrumental soundtrack to a hopeful future.

Adjusting Arnaud Dolmen


Guadeloupean drummer Arnaud Dolmen says that this, his second album, is “about how we adapt and adjust … The unexpected should be a source of strength.” Within it, Kwéyòl jazz, Vodou lyricism, and native gwo ka drum rhythms mix with and influence instrumentation that echoes a Creole past, and points to new ways of assimilating. Antillean music evolved.

  1. These reviews appear in the May/June 2022 issue of Caribbean Beat magazine.
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